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A Passion for Live Entertainment

For over 30 years, since she was 10 years old, Ria Carey has let her voice guide her career. But when she’s singing with some of the amazing accompanists and fellow performers, it has never felt like a job.

Ria began singing with her sisters and in schools across town. Through performing with local bands and theaters in Maryland, she had never imagined making a living out of her love until she moved to San Diego, where theater companies started to hire her as a paid performer.

“I thought, oh! Maybe I can make a part time living out of this,” she said. The rest is history. More than a few national tours, bands, and duos later, Ria has explored almost every facet of live entertainment.

“The best compliment of all is when somebody wants to hear you sing a song they love. That just rocks my world".

Recent Career

Singing and More

Recently, Ria has dived back into theater after three years of it being shut down due to COVID. With accompanist Aaron Turner, she also performs a body cabaret act at Martinis, Nola’s and Clarke’s Cabaret for Diversionary Theater. If need be, she can expand her act to a combo, trio, or another combination with friends she trusts in the field. 

When it comes to understanding the importance of arts and performance, Ria knows better than anyone the impact they can have. As a former arts school teacher, she has seen first-hand how beautifully children’s imagination can help them gain confidence and agency. 

Ria’s love for the arts is shared wholeheartedly by Martinis San Diego Bar, where fantastic performances and unforgettable experiences are the norm. Imagination runs abound here, so join Ria and our other entertainers for a night of laughter, joy, and escape. 

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