Kevin Taylor

'Kevi Kev'

Early Beginnings

Kevin Taylor, born and raised in San Diego, has spent most of his life exploring almost every aspect of performance out there. You name it, he’s done it—he’s been an actor, dancer, singer, circus entertainer, fire juggler, acrobatic, and more. A voice and speech teacher on the side, Kevin has also written several speeches for keynote speakers.

In the end, Kevin settled on one of the most versatile and eclectic performance forms out there: drag. But he started as young performers often do: nerve-wracking performances for his family in the living room and a yearning to be in front of an audience from the very beginning.

On the stage for more than 22 years now, he began in youth theater, then embarked on a long journey, including four years at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, performances at night clubs and theaters, to finally find himself at Martinis San Diego Bar as a manager and drag queen.

“Performing brings everyone away from the monotony in life...”

Drag and Music

Current Performances

“Drag is something that encompasses all my talents,” said Kevin. For all that you’d expect drag queens to be extroverted, Kevin mentions that you’d be surprised how quiet many of them are. As someone with a loud voice and passion to spare, Kevin not only performs but MCs on the mic and hosts plenty of shows at the bar.

His set is an eccentric combination of popular music and on-trend YouTube videos, and he’s often referred to not only as ‘Kevi Kev’ or the ‘MILF of Hillcrest,’ but also the ‘Hillcrest Housewife.’

Kevin intends to be a part of as many of these experiences as possible. Join him at Martinis San Diego Bar, where lively dining, over-the-top entertainment, and experiences you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else are a guarantee!

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